Music and the Night

Guitar riffing, soul stirring, mind spinning…..
Eternity I feel in the sand at the very core of my bones,,,,
Burn me down to ash and dust….
Of inner conflicts, inner sanity trials and nostalgic revelations; this glass I raise to you my friend….
It’s like they opened the gates of hell and opened this Pandora s box… Something inside me died that day… And whatever the hell i doi can’t get it back
I delude myself.
Imagine love; anything to raise this living dead
Waking,wandering, transcending
Spirit ready to soar,heart already melted
Can’t you see, this is untarnished,pure;as raw as it gets
Nerves wreaking because it never got a chance to blossom
The fruit is ripe, bursting, ready to be plucked
Soft ,velvety ,sweet,tempting
The taste of which if it will promises to satiate the Hunger
Fullfilling for the next hundred years
Feel all woman..Muse I’m so lost I don’t even know my name anymore.. Help me find myself ..



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