What I Wish I Knew After My MFA Ended

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A guest post from Sara Finnerty:

420-Jacquelyn-Mitchard-splits-limbo-looking-back.imgcache.rev1308082218874In the years after I got my MFA I was a miserable mess. I felt like a failure as a writer and a human being. I still feel that way sometimes, but now I try and fail and try again and I know that does not mean I am a failure, it only means I am a person like everyone else. If I could, here are some things I would tell my self six years ago when I was finishing graduate school.

1)   Don’t even try to get published. There are some people in your class who will stop writing altogether. There are some who will only tangentially write. You will never stop writing, but don’t try to publish right now because your writing is still borderline terrible. Yes, you have an MFA but an MFA does not give you the heart, the will, the…

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Music and the Night

Guitar riffing, soul stirring, mind spinning…..
Eternity I feel in the sand at the very core of my bones,,,,
Burn me down to ash and dust….
Of inner conflicts, inner sanity trials and nostalgic revelations; this glass I raise to you my friend….
It’s like they opened the gates of hell and opened this Pandora s box… Something inside me died that day… And whatever the hell i doi can’t get it back
I delude myself.
Imagine love; anything to raise this living dead
Waking,wandering, transcending
Spirit ready to soar,heart already melted
Can’t you see, this is untarnished,pure;as raw as it gets
Nerves wreaking because it never got a chance to blossom
The fruit is ripe, bursting, ready to be plucked
Soft ,velvety ,sweet,tempting
The taste of which if it will promises to satiate the Hunger
Fullfilling for the next hundred years
Feel all woman..Muse I’m so lost I don’t even know my name anymore.. Help me find myself ..

My Falcon

This reminds me of a dear friend.

Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister

Born to be an adaptor,
Forever changing his surroundings.
Nestor, speedy protector,
Friend to the nomad.
From the beginning, central aisa,
Yet, your homeland is here.
Powerful employment is yours,
To know more, a feeble goal.
Intercepting me,
Yet, I continue proding.
I see through your armor,
Lost in the marvel of your eyes.
The sight of you, my dear,
Worth every sacrifice.
I could find you anywhere,
Dynamic speed sets you apart.
Take me with you,
I’ll provide a view,
Encouraging the peak,
Of the hightest mountain.
Destinations you’d rather not seek,
However, you’re trying.
Flying beside me,
Practicing your speed, agility.
I shall continue to watch,
from the ground, for now.
Awaiting your caw,
which will beckon one day.
Peregrine Falcon, you suit me,
mustache and all, honorably.

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